Saturday, October 23, 2010


Why are we concerned to find our roots? We are still tribals inspite of globalisation.We want to be known as Hindu,Muslim or Christian.We want our identies to be Bengali or Haryanvi or Rajasthani or Bihari or Kashmiri.We hate to be known as Pakistani even though I was born near Multan(Moolasthan) where RigVeda was written.Where Prehlad Bhagat was born and Bhagwan NarSingh incarnated.The famous and cherished philosophy of VasudevKutumbkam orignated.I spend my childhood there.My youth in London where Imet two beautiful girls from Kuch namely Hemlata Suraiya and Yashu Asher and found that we share the same language namely Siraiki(Multani).Now for last 40 years I am in Delhi.But I still do want to know where on earth BATRA s originated?Please enlighten why this urge?


I was 10 years old when Gandhi ji was shot dead by Nathu Ram Godse on 30 Jan 1948. I never could meet or see him personally. But had heard about him from my illietrate mother who had adopted Charkha Spinning as a spiritual ritual and Ekadshi fast enery month. She inspired me to go to London an become a Barrister like Gandhi. But have been living in pain ever since our Independence. We had to leave our ancestors home village my place of birth which is now Pakistan. Who is responsible for this unforunate division of our country? Gandhi, Nehru and Congress not Jinnah who never spent a day in jail, never fasted. Had no vow of celebacy or Ahimsa or adopted Satyagraha as an instrument and still got a day earlier than our independence his Pakistan. Certainly he was more clever and shrewed than Gandhi. Both of them were Gujratis and Barristers! Lakhs people were buchered. They last their homes, properties, kith and kins. No fast undertaken, no protests registered by Gandhi. He even refused to meet and pacify the Hindu Refugees who were forced to leave their homes in Pakistan. We still continue to live with our head Kashmir wounded, our arms cut with Pakistan and Bangladesh, our feet unsecured due to Tammils suferrings in Sri Lanka. Our only Hindu Kingdom of Nepal being literraly under Chinese controle because of our wrong notions of nonviolence propogated in the name of our father of nation Gandhi. To give credit of our Independence to Gandhi mean undermining the roles of our great freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Neta ji Subhash Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai and many more who laid down their lives for their country, and have not been even given their due place by those who highjacked our democracy for themselves and for their dynasties, and have now mortgaged for perpetuity to the so called Supper Powers.